Consultation for the Deben Estuary Management Plan

Over the past five years the Deben Estuary Management Plan has informed planning and management decisions on the River Deben estuary. Much has changed, even over this short period, and the Deben Estuary Partnership is now embarking on a revision process to identify challenges faced on the estuary today and to bring the estuary plan up to date.

Preparation of a revised Deben Estuary Management Plan will involve a review of the themes and policies covered within the existing plan, but we also need to understand what additional topics should be included. As before, stakeholder engagement is essential to ensure that the revision process is inclusive, comprehensive and reflects key issues, concerns and changes.

The first, formal stage in the review process is the Scoping Report, which highlights existing objectives, sets out matters to be considered and updated, and identifies new areas that should be addressed.

To ensure that the revised Deben Estuary Management Plan is comprehensive, up to date, fit for purpose and able to be an effective tool for managing the Deben Estuary over the next five years we are seeking your views.

Please consider the issues identified in the Scoping Report, the justification for including them, and please identify any additional issues which need to be included in the document.

The scoping document can be downloaded here as a Word document, or reviewed online.

Please submit your feedback and responses to the questions via the online form or return the document to the email address given in the file.

Felixstowe Ferry Flood Defence Repairs: Environment Agency

Work to repair the flood defences at Felixstowe Ferry has been agreed and will take place before the end of 2021. The embankment suffered significant damage at during the winter of 2019-2020, and whilst the temporary measures of sand bags have been serving an interim purpose, the next step is to undertake works to replace these.

More information about this work is available in the Environment Agency factsheet that you can download here as a PDF document.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact details are available on the factsheet.