Secretary of State approves Felixstowe Ferry – Bawdsey Coastal Footpath route – 5 May 2024

On 5 May 2023 the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced their decision to approve the Natural England (‘NE’) proposals for lengths FFB2 (Sandy Lane, Waldringfield to Kyson Point) and FFB3 (Kyson Point to Wilford Bridge).

Twelve months later (on 3 May 2024) they announced their decision to approve the NE proposals for lengths FFB1 (Felixstowe Ferry up river to Sandy Lane, Waldringfield), FFB4 (Wilford Bridge to Ferry Cliff), FFB5 (Ferry Cliff to Ramsholt) and FFB6 (Ramsholt to Bawdsey Quay).

DEFRA points out that “The right of access to the approved stretch of coast does not come into effect at this stage. Natural England will be working with the local authority to establish any infrastructure works before an Order is made by the Secretary of State under the 2009 Act to bring the rights into effect.”

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