EA ‘looking for sites to plant riverside trees’ – 30 April 2024

The Environment Agency today issued an invitation to local landowners and community organisations that could be of benefit to the River Deben. They say:

Tree planting along Rivers in Suffolk & north Essex 2024-5
We have some funding for native tree planting along rivers in Suffolk (including parts of Essex within
the River Stour catchment) for 2024-5 and wish to target those lengths of rivers which are likely to
benefit from additional trees and/or scrub.
Planting native tree species along a river can a significant improve water quality through stabilising
the riverbank and reducing sedimentation. Trees also provide much needed shade which helps to
keep rivers cool and improve the habitat for fish and terrestrial wildlife. Shading also helps to control
the growth of excessive emergent vegetation which can choke the channel slowing the flow and
causing siltation.
If you are interested, we would like to walk your stretch of river and discuss options with you. If
appropriate we will come up with some sympathetic planting proposals for your approval. The
funding will cover the material cost of trees and protection and planting costs. The timescales for
planting will need to be between November 2024 and March 2025 so we would aim to walk each
site and draw up any plans during summer and early autumn 2024.

Please click on this link to see the full invitation and contact details

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