Rebecca Pow & Therese Coffey meet with Anglian Water and other DEP members to discuss water quality – 10 August 2023

“Environment Secretary and Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey brought together a group of interested parties in Woodbridge to discuss how to improve water quality.

Groups from the whole length of the river were represented as they discussed how to try to ensure there are no more sewage leaks or chemical incidents.

Dr Coffey said it was important that people with an interest in the whole of the river were invited to try to maintain a high water quality. She jointly chaired the meeting with Water Minister Rebecca Pow and it also discussed the delivery of the Plan for Water, which will bring increased investment, tougher enforcement and tighter regulation to the water sector.

Key areas of discussions included the designation of bathing sites in the area; pollution resulting from storm overflows, wastewater treatment and agriculture and  water resources.

Roundtable attendees included representatives from local councils, Essex & Suffolk Rivers Trust, the NFU, Natural England, the River Deben Association and Anglian Water.”


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